Anita is a womenswear vintage fashion brand founded by Isabelle Hardy in 2019. born out of years of experience working with vintage clothing in london, paris and montreal, and a passion for fighting against fast fashion, Anita is offers curated collections of authentic vintage. inspired by 1960s london and french nonchalance, everything is handpicked for you by Isabelle.


Anita is whoever you want her to be. she is romantic, nonchalant, a nostalgic daydreamer. she is bold, styled, elevated. she is also modern, forward-thinking and responsible because above all, she wants to create a sustainable solution for our fashion yearnings.


Anita is making vintage shopping easier. we know that many people want to buy vintage but feel overwhelmed by the actual shopping experience. that’s why we do it all for you (we love a rummage). all clothing is handpicked for its unique characteristics, its nod to a nostalgic time and its relevance to modern day trends. each item is then checked, mended (if needed) and presented in styled collections with total transparency, meaning you can shop vintage with peace of mind.


Anita is trying to save the planet, one frilly blouse at a time. when you buy second hand clothing, not only are you getting something unique, you are breathing a new lease of life into a garment. you are also reducing the need for a new one, and in turn, not contributing to the pollution of our world. in the uk alone, 350,000 tonnes of clothing go to landfill every year and more than half the fast fashion produced is disposed of in under a year. in addition, vintage clothes are often the inspiration behind many new designs yet they are much more well-made than their modern day counterparts, proved by the fact that they have already survived many previous decades. why buy new when you can wear the original?


Anita is sustainable. there’s that fashion buzzword again, but we really are. transparency is an essential element of our brand which is why we share on each product page where every vintage piece was hand chosen. in addition, we do not use any plastic in our packaging and print. read more about our (nearly) naked packaging on our INFO page.


for more information, please contact hello@anitais.com